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Rent a car in Playa del Carmen

Car rental in Playa Del Carmen is a great way to get around the city and explore it. If you're renting a car in Playa Del Carmen, it's important to know what to look for. There are a few things you can do to make sure you're getting a good deal and not getting ripped off.

The following guide will help you find the best deals on car rental in Playa Del Carmen and make your vacation even more enjoyable.

  • What to Look for When Renting a Car in Playa Del Carmen: deciding on the right car rental company can be overwhelming. Here at Royal Rent a Car, we take care of everything you need for your next trip. Our prices are guaranteed and that's not all! We also offer free airport transportation, free unlimited mileage on most vehicles and no prepayment is required. That's right: you pay only when you pick up your vehicle!
  • How to Haggle for Cheap Car Rental Deals in Playa Del Carmen: finding cheap car rental deals in Playa Del Carmen can be a daunting task. If you know where to look and what to do, you can find a great deal on your next rental. The best way to go about haggling for a discount is by booking in advance and making sure you are aware of any hidden fees.
  • Why Rental Cars are Important for Your Stay: Rental cars are an essential part of any stay. They provide the means to get around and explore the area. Some people rent cars for the convenience, while others need them for a specific trip. When renting a car, it is important to choose one that will meet your needs. There are many things to consider before making a decision about which car to rent - budget, size of the group, type of car you want (SUV, sedan), and whether you need a 4x4 or not.

Driving safety tips in Playa del Carmen

Driving in Playa Del Carmen is a unique experience. You will find that the driving conditions are different from what you are used to back home. The roads are narrow and there are many pedestrians and tourists on the streets. Follow these driving safety tips to have a safe, enjoyable, and memorable trip!

  • Most streets are one way.
  • Drive defensively: In Playa Del Carmen, it is important to always be on your toes when driving. Be careful of pedestrians and cyclists who may not follow traffic rules or may not look before crossing the street.
  • Watch out for bikes, tricycles, and mopeds that use the middle of the road to make their own lanes. You'll occasionally find that a street isn't in the best condition and might have its own flow.
  • Watch out for "topes" (speed bumps) as they are known in Mexico. Make sure your tires and brakes are in good condition and that you're not wearing flip flops or anything that could get stuck in the pedals if you start to skid.
  • Please do not drive on 5th Avenue. It is a pedestrian-only area, where hundreds of tourists walk around every day. Every once in a while, a lost tourist will think they can drive down the avenue, but it's typically met with angry looks and someone yelling "You can't drive here!"
  • Watch out for pedestrians. If a street has a sidewalk on the other side of the road, you have to wait until they've crossed before you can drive over there. There are chap places where tourists think they have right-of-way but in reality they're just walking into traffic.
  • Do not park at yellow lines or near intersections. Be sure to park at legal areas when you are out and about. If you don't, the policeman will take off one of your license plates and hold onto it until you come back and pay a fine. This is not a nice process, so be sure to pick a legal spot before you park

Requirements to rent a car in Playa del Carmen

  • Current driver's license.
  • The minimum age to drive in México is 18 years old.
  • Credit card (visa, MasterCard ó American Express).
  • "National identity card" (for nationals). Passport or national ID card for travelers.
  • NOTE: If you do not have a credit card, in some cases cash deposits are accepted.

What is included in my car rental?

  • Taxes
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Third Party Damage Insurance (SLI)
  • Insurance for medical expenses (PAI)
  • Collision and theft insurance with a 10% deductible (CDW).
  • Legal assistance insurance.
  • An additional driver FREE!.

What is the minimum age to rent a car?

21 years old

Do I need a specific type of driver's license?

We accept all CURRENT national and international driver's licenses.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Playa del Carmen?

Car rental in Playa del Carmen can be cheap, depending on the season or month that you visit this destination, for example you can find the cheapest car rental between the months of August to November.

Of course, it will also depend on your advance reservation and the company with which you decide to make your Playa del Carmen car rental.

If you want to rent a cheap car in Playa del Carmen, we are your best option. We handle the best prices with a personalized, friendly, respectful service and with a fleet of modern and comfortable cars.

Renting a car in Playa del Carmen offers a more realistic itinerary that you can plan yourself without having to use taxis or other expensive modes of transportation that are unreliable. Reserving your car rental in advance is always a great idea, especially if you are looking for a specific type of car or have specific requirements.

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