Benefits of renting a car in Cancun

The advantages of renting a car for your holidays

The benefits of renting a car for your holidays

Renting a car on vacation is a very interesting option for travelers. Not having to know the transportation schedules of the destination city, avoiding such strict tour schedules or saving by not paying so many taxis, are arguments in favor of traveling by car. But, what other benefits does renting a car offer us?

Ventajas de alquilar un coche para tus vacaciones

More comfort on your vacation trip

Many road trips involve spending long hours inside the vehicle. If we travel with another person or with the whole family, it is important to have the greatest possible comfort inside the car. In this sense, rental companies offer multiple options, adapted to our needs.

When we rent a car, we can have the freedom to choose the model that best suits our needs. Whether it's a small car to drive alone or as a couple, a large van to travel with the family or an off-road vehicle to explore a large nature reserve.

You will have independence

Another advantage of renting a car is that it allows you to enjoy total freedom and independence during your trip. Specifically, we emphasize that it is not necessary to depend on public transport schedules or tours, which allows us to free ourselves from the schedules and limitations of our trip.


Most car rental companies offer the option of renting a car at the airport, at the train station or at one of their available offices throughout the city. As soon as you land, you can already rent a car to get to the hotel where you are staying, without the need to take a taxi or a bus.

Very competitive prices

Another advantage of renting a car is that in cities such as very touristy, companies offer the cost of renting at a very competitive price compared to the competition. It should be noted that this will also depend on the category or model of vehicle you choose.

It should be noted that the most advisable thing to do when renting a car is to book it in advance, since it is always much more expensive in the destination and in times of great tourist influx it can be extremely difficult to find availability.

Renting a car is easy and comfortable

Renting a car is quite simple. You just need to have your valid driver's license, ID or passport and a credit card. Some companies also accept debit cards. Of course, you have to be of legal age and have some driving experience.

Tips when renting a vehicle

  • 1 Most companies provide cars with full fuel, but if this is not the case, we recommend that you choose a company that has this option because it also makes a big difference in terms of cost.
  • 2 If you make the reservation before arriving at the destination where the car will be delivered to you, we advise you to ask about the payment methods.
  • 3 You have to check the car before and after the contract time, we advise you to check the bottom, wheels, paint, among others. And if you find any damage, it is better to notify the company.
  • 4 Also, it is necessary that you can have internet and calls on your phone to be able to communicate in case of any emergency. There are two ways to have an internet connection when you travel to another country, the first is to contract roaming from your place of origin and the second is to buy an internet plan for tourists in the same country.
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